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United States
-I am a born late 30's cradle catholic (raised catholic since birth) and survived my period of indeterminate youth. I find comfort with my faith and it with me. I am pleasantly open minded and when that fails at least humbly tolerant.

-I've lived in the rural northeastern part of the US of A for most (if not all) of my life enjoying the springs & summers. Where I live most folks stop in for vacation to sight see. So I suppose in one way I've been on vacation all my life. :)

-I love to favorite wonderful pieces of art. If I sent a favorite, then it is because I love it. :D

-I like cats, spiders, lizards, bugs, starships, beautiful people, anthropomorphic cartoons, and random cool stuff in general.

-I enjoy photography as a hobby, and practice it while inspired.

-I love baseball. It's a spiritual thing much like going to church.

-Lastly, I hope you enjoy what you see and it encourages you to be inspired to do the same some day.

God Bless/Peace and long life/until all are one


Current Residence: Western spiral arm of the galaxy
Favourite genre of music: Jazz, Blues, Folk, Rock, Metal, Celtic, New age, Alternative, celtic punk, and theme music
Favourite photographer: mygraymatter
Favourite style of art: I'll like it when I like it.
Operating System: I'm not picky. Whatever works faster.
Favourite cartoon character: Captain America, Snake Eyes, Spider Man, Fluttershy, The Warner Brothers & Sister, The Question, Jazz, Grimlock
Personal Quote: "It ain't the heat, it's the humility." - Yogi Berra
I wake up this morning a day after turning 40.  

I'm not sure what to say really at the start of this journal.  There is the part of you that misses being younger.  Wanting to still be able to eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, not do anything anybody else tells you to do and be the eternal rebel until death stares at you from six feet under ground.  

That being a rebel doesn't work for the long term maintenance.  You just die much sooner then you should.  I have lived somewhat by restraint during my early years but still was able to do enough things that I do not feel any sense of regret.

At this age the traditional view of the 40 year old is "I'm past my prime".  That statement is a bunch of BS.  

Each day of our lives we are at our prime.  When a child is just learning to walk they are at their prime.  When a teen is just learning to drive and think for themselves then they are at their prime.  At 50, a man who can't run as fast as he used to still teaches kids for track is at his prime.  When a 90 year old man goes for a slow walk around his neighborhood, waving to everyone as he goes striking up conversation as he goes then he too is at his prime.

Our "Prime time" I believe is relative.  You can't compare what on time period was like versus another unless everything was exactly the same and you didn't learn anything new.  We are always changing in some way shape or form.  Whether it be gaining weight, gaining insight, or growing in strength.

We have to live/adapt to what life brings at us.  Trying to say: "Oh the best days are long behind me..." is a load of crap.  There were a lot of days back when I was in high school that were complete shit.  Growing up as teen with hormones out of control was not fun at all, college in some ways was hell with me learning to cope with being on my own for the first time.  

I may not be as fast as I was but I would guess I am stronger then I was.  I have full access to my mental facilities as a person, my senses still work, and I'm not dead.  I'm happy I still have another ten years to go before I hit 50.  :)

Peace out.

  • Mood: Pirate
  • Listening to: Fans, air filters, and air contioner
  • Reading: manga graphic novels
  • Watching: VT weather channel
  • Playing: Wartune
  • Eating: sourdough pizza
  • Drinking: tea/soda

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